A couple of months ago I designed a logo for every important Spring bicycle road race. Check them all out below!
One of the best known graphic design projects of the 20th century is the identity for the 1972 Munich Summer Olympics. The branding was designed by a team led by Otl Aicher, who had previously created the graphic identity for Lufthansa. 
The most recognizable element of the 1972 Olympics is probably the set of icons created to easily visualize all the sporting events. Here in Belgium they are still used to this day in all kinds of signage. They were created by using a meticulous grid system, but despite this mathematical approach I’ve always felt that there was a lot of personality in these icons. This personal project is about trying to show that personality.

There’s well over 20 original icons (more were created after the Olympics - but I won’t be doing those), so check back soon for more!
Here’s a little something I made together with the nice people over at CANADA: an illustrated Save The Date!
Check it out in full below.
About a month ago the people at TapTarget asked me if I could design a new logo and branding options for them. They’re great pals to work with, so of course I said yes right away! 
Above is actually the alternate logo, you can find the main one underneath here. Besides that I also designed a couple of icons, business cards, and I did some art direction for the website which you can check out here.
We did it!! Looking forward to the quarter finals on Saturday!
Spookstad is an exciting new video production adventure from Ghent. They’re also good friends, so when they asked me to design their logo, I immediately said yes! This looks particularly good in motion, check that out on their site.
Icons! Lots of icons! The yellow/blue ones were for the latest Summer edition of Knack Weekend Black - high five sarahvanbelle. The pink/blue ones were for a project that unfortunately didn’t go through in the end. Either way, I had a lot of fun creating these!
Some time ago I was asked by the University of Ghent to come up with a proposal for an invitation for Dies Natalis (the birthday of the university). I decided to go for an Art Deco touch, and made the proposal you can see above. In the end the University decided to pursue another idea, but I like mine a lot and I wanted to share it with you guys.

I also want to use this post to direct you to the Koerslogo’s page again! I’ve been hard at work these past couple of weeks to keep up with all the bicycle races, and it’s working out great so far. The collection has grown to twelve logos already, and it’s not going to stop soon!
Announcing a new project! It’s called “Koerslogo’s”, which is Flemish for “Road Cycling Logo’s” or something like that. The 2014 Spring Cycling Season starts this Saturday with Omloop Het Nieuwsblad (aka Gent - Gent), and I will be making a new logo for every important and semi-important race. I will put up a new logo two days before each specific race. Omloop Het Nieuwsblad starts in exactly two days, so here it is already!
Please follow the project on Twitter (@koerslogos), or right here, on Tumblr, where I’ll also post updates (pretty convenient, isn’t it?). 
I really like doing these kind of architectural flat-but-with-some-depth drawings as of late. This one is of a building that’s on the edge of the city of Ghent. Props if you know where it is!
Make sure to check out the bigger version.
This week I made another illustration / infograph for Hello Bank, this time about the evolution of prices over the past 4 years. 
Check out the full illustration: 

Check it out on their website.
For some reason I haven’t shared these on my blog yet: my personal business cards! The black is letterpressed on Macho Mick white 470gr paper by Peter over at Tipozero in Brussels, and the blue bar is then stamped by myself. That way I can just make another stamp with another message whenever I feel like it.
I just recently did the graphics for Disco Naïveté’s end-of-the-year lists. Coming soon: the graphics for their Sound of 2014 lists! 
This illustration is part of an infographic about the energy usage of house appliances I did for Hello bank! (yes, you write it with an exclamation point) last week. The client liked the illustration of my own house so much they asked me to do make a similar one in the same style. I could choose the shape of the house, so I tried my hand at some modern architecture :)
I was asked to work with the signature colors of Hello bank!, bright blue and two shades of coral. Not my favorite color combination, but they work just fine for the highlights.
Check out the full infographic right here.
And here’s a detail of the kitchen.

Love how this turned out!
T, for Thomas. Or Tooth Fairy. Or tits. Whatever floats your boat.